Welcome to St. Luke’s

Family Promise Returns
Sept. 10-17

Our next week to host participants in the Family Promise program is Sept. 10-17.  We are asking folks to check their calendars and sign up through email or phone call to Jen Peterson at jenrpet1971@gmail.com or 918-397-7779. Hopefully, everyone will get their preferred time and date in early, so that the final 2 “Sign-up Sunday’s” at Metcalf Hall will merely be to fill in a couple of the remaining spots.

The congregation of St. Luke’s welcomes you With Arms Wide Open!

That is our motto… and our message for you and for everyone who is seeking to grow in their relationship with God.

profile-cover-9-25-16-sm-rotateWith a caring community of believers, an inspired clergy and a spiritually uplifting church facility, St. Luke’s provides a place to explore and deepen your experience with the Lord. The opportunities for discovery and growth are many — in quiet reflection, in joyful worship, in warm fellowship and in service to those in need within and outside the church.

Learn more about St. Luke’s through our Parish Profile. Then come see us. Our arms are outstretched and waiting for you!