Welcome to St. Luke’s

The congregation of St. Luke’s welcomes you

With Arms Wide Open!


Stations of the Cross followed by Holy Eucharist
Thursdays, Feb. 15 thru Mar. 22 – 12 noon
Thursdays, Feb. 20 thru Mar. 20 – Soup Supper & Speaker
Palm Sunday – Mar. 25 – Services at 8 am and 10:30 am
Stations of the Cross – Wednesday, Mar. 28 – 6 pm
Maundy Thursday – Thursday, Mar. 29 – 7 pm
Good Friday Liturgy – Friday, Mar. 30 – 12 noon
Easter Vigil – Saturday, Mar. 31 – 7 pm
Easter – Sunday, Apr. 1 – Services at 8 am and 10:30 am

With Arms Wide Open is our motto… and our message for you and for everyone who is seeking to grow in their relationship with God. With a caring community of believers, an inspired clergy and a spiritually uplifting church facility, St. Luke’s provides a place to explore and deepen your experience with the Lord. The opportunities for discovery and growth are many — in quiet reflection, in joyful worship, in warm fellowship and in service to those in need within and outside the church.