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In Oklahoma

OurStateGraphic-1St. Luke’s supports the work of the diocese by devoting a portion of its annual budget to the Diocese of Oklahoma and its outreach efforts around the state. In addition, St. Luke’s clergy and laypersons serve on diocesan boards, commissions and committees.

Some of the good works of the Oklahoma Diocese include:

OurWorldGraphic-2In the USA and around the globe

A portion of St. Luke’s annual budget also goes to support the work of the greater family of Episcopalians in the United States and around the world. Through the Episcopal Church, St. Luke’s members are able reach out to our fellow human beings in need, regardless of their religious background, ethnicity or gender identity.

Here are a few of the mission and outreach efforts of the Episcopal Church. Click on these links to find out more:

Refugee and Displaced Persons Relief – Ukraine 

Asiamerica  Ministries

Black Ministries

Domestic Poverty


Migration Ministries

Global Partnerships

Indigenous Ministries

Justice and Advocacy Ministries

Latino/Hispanic Ministries

Racial Reconciliation

Social Justice and Advocacy Engagement