Care & Healing

As Christians and members of St. Luke’s, we are ministers to each other and everyone we meet in daily life. We are to be conduits of Jesus’ compassion, grace and healing. We understand that needs vary according to the person and circumstances. Listed here are examples of ways St. Luke’s seeks to be responsive to those needs. If you are unsure where to turn for help, contact the parish office (918-336-1212) or a member of our clergy.

The Sacrament of Healing – Holy Unction
The Sacrament of Healing, sometimes called Holy Unction, involves prayer and anointing as we ask God for healing. This healing can be spiritual, physical, emotional, relational or a combination. We believe that God wants us to be whole and God’s healing spirit is available through prayer. Contact a member of our clergy for this sacrament, provided at the church or at home.

At the Altar Rail
Prayers for healing are provided at the altar rail during Holy Communion and following each service. Persons desiring prayer during Communion may cross their arms at the wrist on the rail and the priest or deacon will provide a brief prayer and blessing.

During Sunday Eucharist
A Prayer Team consisting of several laypersons and one of the clergy is available during Communion in the chapel to pray for individuals and those who come on behalf of others. Team members have a special calling and training for this ministry and are eager to pray for persons in need. As they pray for a person, there will be a laying on of hands and a series of prayers followed by an anointing with Holy Oil.

Pastoral Care
Each of our clergy and staff is committed to providing pastoral care for our members at church, home, hospital, nursing home or work -–wherever there is a need. Communication is the key to receiving the appropriate response and care. Please email or call the parish office (918) 336-1212 if you are aware of a person in need. After hours call the rector’s emergency number 269-788-7063.

Pastoral Counseling
Pastoral Counseling is provided by our clergy upon request. Individuals and families are encouraged to seek help when experiencing difficulties before they reach a crisis stage. Counseling is normally provided on a short-term basis. For those who need more intensive or long-term counseling, the priest or deacon will make a referral to a trusted counselor or therapist.

Prayer List & Network
If you have a prayer request, please email or call the office at (918) 336-1212.The names of those being prayed for are read at worship services during the Prayers of the People and are shared with the Prayer Network, a group of members who pray daily for those in need.