Online Giving

Step-by-step instructions for giving through

In conjunction with The Network for Episcopal Stewardship, the online giving application is now available to St. Luke’s members.  Get started by going to (yes, there’s a dot between the “e” and the “l”) and download the application.

Here are the steps to take:

1)     Click here or go to:

2)     From the above link, you may donate directly from your home computer (vs. your phone/mobile device) by picking the Give Online option OR you may donate from your phone or other mobile device by selecting either the Apple or Android (Google Play) version.

3)     Open the application and enter your name and email, and then create a personal password and PIN.

4)     In the Find a Church window at the top, type in: St. Luke’s Episcopal Church (several St. Luke’s Episcopal Churches will pop up, so be sure to pick ours in Bartlesville)

5)     Select the method of payment at the bottom: credit, debit, or bank account withdrawal.

6)     Enter the amount of your gift and indicate whether you would like it to be Recurring and at what frequency.

7)     Pick General Fund as the destination.

8)    If you want to provide the full amount of your gift to the church, check Cover Fees box and the service charge will not be deducted from your gift to the church. There service charge is 2.75% + 0.30 per credit/debit card transaction, which reflects a slight discount through association with The Network for Episcopal Stewardship.

9)     The application will save your donation information for the next time you give. All you have to do is enter your PIN. Both the Give Online and mobile methods of giving are secure.  If you have questions, they will probably be answered by Click here.