Search Committee Update

Visits to Rector Candidates Now Underway

Over the next several weeks, teams of three members of the Rector Search Committee will be visiting the homes and home parishes of our top candidates.

These visits have two objectives:

  1. To learn as much as we can about our rector candidates so that we could make an informed decision about their fit with St. Luke’s and
  2. To give our candidates and their family as much information as possible about St. Luke’s, Bartlesville and Oklahoma so that they can make an informed decision about whether St. Luke’s might be a good fit their families.

The Search Committee has completed online video interviews with our pool of rector candidates.  Our approach was to have a conversation with the candidates about themselves and about St. Luke’s.  We found these conversations to be most valuable and very productive.

Following the interviews, we assessed each candidate’s background, experience, philosophy and personality.  We also spent a great deal of time in prayer, individual reviews, and group discussions to determine which candidates might be a good fit with St. Luke’s.

Through that process, we identified top candidates whom we believe deserve more consideration and further conversation.  We are now entering the next phase of our rector search process.  We are arranging site visits to the home and parish of our top candidates.

We anticipate these visits to include extended time with the candidate and their family as well as an opportunity to experience a worship service at their church.  In addition, we want to spend time in conversation about St. Luke’s – who we are; what we do; where we want to go; and, what we need in our next rector.

Our search process journey has been a long one for the parish, for the Vestry and for our committee.  We continue to have faith that we are on the right path to find the right priest God intends to be the next rector for our beloved St. Luke’s.

We also believe that your prayers do make a difference.  Please continue praying for the Vestry, our committee and top candidates as we continue our respective discernment processes.

Review: How the Search Process Works

Finding a new rector is a formal process, prescribed by the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma, and involves four basic steps:

  1. INFORMATION GATHERING – This first step, which took several months, gathered information, perspectives and opinions to accurately describe St. Luke’s – our strengths, areas for improvement, ministries, vision and future needs.  This process became the basis for the Church Profile.
  1. PARISH PROFILE / CANDIDATE RECRUITMENT – The Profile is being used to advertise the position and recruit interested candidates for St. Luke’s.
  1. CANDIDATE SCREENING – The third category of work for the Search Committee is screening eligible candidates, including site visits to the churches of top candidates, which are currently underway.
  1. VESTRY INTERVIEWS/RECTOR SELECTION – Once the top candidates have been identified, then the Vestry takes on the tasks of meeting and interviewing the candidates. The Vestry will make the decision about who to call to serve as the new priest for St. Luke’s.

The Search Committee is committed to providing full and regular communications with the St. Luke’s family throughout this process.  We are committed to being as open, transparent and inclusive in our work as we are able with one exception.  The one exception will be our need for strict privacy during the candidate screening, Vestry interviewing and candidate calling steps.

Prayer for the Selection of Our New Rector

We ask all parishioners to pray for the rector candidates, Search Committee, and Vestry during our mutual discernment process for our next rector:

Father, it is time to find a new spiritual leader to guide us. We pray individually and together to further this search process.
We know that you have already chosen a path for St Luke’s. We pray earnestly for your guidance in seeking out Your plan for us. We ask You to send the Holy Spirit to fill each of our hearts and minds, keep our arms wide open, and guide us to find the new Rector who will lead us on this path.

Father, we ask that You bless the hearts of our Rector candidates and each member of our parish family to ease this transition for them.

All this we ask through our savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

The St. Luke’s Church Profile


The Church Profile is a key element in the new rector search process on our way to finding a new rector for St. Luke’s following Fr. Lee’s retirement in January 2017.  Click here to read the St. Luke’s Church Profile.

In addition to the Profile, two other documents are being made available to rector candidates:

The Search Committee is very proud of the profile but even prouder of our parish.  Committee members want to be very clear about something: the St. Luke’s Parish Profile was not written by the Search Committee. It was written by the St. Luke’s Parish Family – who you are and what you do to keep our Arms Wide Open to God, each other and those in need.

The Committee continues to ask for prayers for the Search Committee and the Vestry as they continue to process of seeking candidates for our next rector. We are a strong, active and engaged church family doing good and important things.  We have so much to do today and more to plan for tomorrow. And, we have so much for which to be thankful.

Highlights of the Parish Survey

The results of the Parish Survey were presented and discussed at the Parish Meeting on Sunday, August 21st.  Click here to see the full presentation. We encourage every member of the St. Luke’s family to take a few minutes to review these interesting and thought-provoking survey results.

If you have any questions about the survey results, any additional issues and concerns, or ideas to add to the search process, feel free to contact any member of the Search Committee personally or as a group at our email address