Our Vestry

Our vestry, working with the church staff, oversees the operations, finances and outreach efforts of St. Luke’s. Here are their names and some of the responsibilities in which they’re involved. Contact them with your questions, suggestions or concerns.

2022 Vestry Members

Doug McIver – Sr. Warden/Finance

Nancy Woods – Jr. Warden

o Steve VanAken – scvanaken@sbcglobal.net
o Katherine Powell – kmpbmp@cableone.net
o Chad Ellis – w.chadwick.ellis@gmail.com
o Karole Cozby – kscozby916@gmail.com
o Karen Lewey – kgrammy07@yahoo.com
o Mark Peterson – m_mpeterson@hotmail.com
o Laura Birk – lpbirk73@gmail.com
o Jo Baughman – jybokla@aol.com
o Steve Roper
o Josie McIver

Treasurer (not Vestry member): Dennis Mueggenborg
Clerk (not Vestry member): Penny Williams