Young disciples

The words spontaneous and plan don’t usually go together – unless you happen to be at St. Luke’s Young Disciples. In today’s world of hyper-programming for kids, YD is a bit old school and unplugged.

YDers take on the rope swing challenge at Osage Hills State Park.

No matter what happens each Wednesday night at YD you can always count on good food, friendship, fun and the presence of God.

From open fire hot dog roasts to wacky games like Noodle Ball, Gravity Stick and Stump the Priest, YD is powered by the creativity and curiosity of children who are boldly asking questions and discovering faith at their own pace.

Three experienced adult sponsors provide the “guard rails” and a basic agenda for each gathering. Service projects are sprinkled in throughout the year. Beyond that, anything can happen.

“Our kids consider YD a highlight of their week,” said one parent. “They never want to miss a single Wednesday, as it is truly their favorite day of the week! They learn about life and relationship, connection and unconditional acceptance.”

Young Disciples gather each Wednesday evening from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  All kids (sixth grade through seniors) are welcome.

Making posters for an upcoming event.

What the kids say about YD:

“Good people, good food.”

“YD is a fun and loving environment that I look forward to coming to every week.”

“I enjoy the people and it’s a good break from homework I have during the week.”

“YD is a great place to connect and share your week. You can discuss and debate topics without feeling judged.”

“I enjoy the company of friends and sponsors. I enjoy eating around a table with lots of people.”

“I like the friends and sponsors at YD.”