Wacky Wednesdays

WackyWed-CWild Wacky Wednesdays is the St. Luke’s summer program for Bartlesville area children, regardless of whether or not they are St. Luke’s members. It’s held every Wednesday afternoon in June and July at the church or at interesting places around the community.  Each session has a theme to help children better understand their creator and how God can play a role in their lives each day.  For example, one session this summer began with the children learning about “The Creation Story,” and then they headed outside to enjoy God’s beautiful creations…..the hot sun, water and living things. The kids soaked up the sun and each other’s fellowship. Another theme week focused on “Harmony – How We Live Together.” The final session, a pool party with parents and church members concluded the Wacky Wednesday series on July 27.  The church plans to continue this popular children’s ministry again starting in June 2017.