Our Clergy & Staff

Father Sean A. Ekberg, Priest-in-Charge
Fr. Sean was named the Priest-in-Charge of St. Luke’s following the retirement of Fr. Lee Stephens at the end of January 2017  Prior to his appointment, Fr. Sean had been a member of the St. Luke’s clergy as a curate and then associate to the rector for the two years.  He will serve as Priest-in-Charge until a new rector is selected. (See Search Committee Update) Fr. Sean is a product of the tri-state region known as New Texoma (New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma.) He and his wife Nicole moved to Bartlesville from Austin, TX, where he attended seminary.




Doug-A StaffPhotos 6-22-16-med

Deacon Doug Freebern
Doug and his wife Connie have been members here since 1999.  They moved here from Oklahoma City.   Doug and Connie have four adult children; two live in Bartlesville with their families and two live in Denver.  They have nine grandchildren.





Lauri-C-StaffPhotos-6-22-16Deacon Lauri Watkins, Christian Education Coordinator

Lauri Watkins joined the staff as Christian Education Coordinator in July, 2012 following her retirement from teaching at Wayside Elementary School.  Lauri spent 29 years in the classroom, teaching mostly fourth and fifth graders.  She and Mike live in an old house in downtown Bartlesville, spending their time working on the house and preparing to enter the deaconate.  Between them, they have four adult children and three granddaughters.




Mike-B-StaffPhotos-6-22-16Deacon Mike Watkins

Mike and his wife Lauri came to St. Luke’s in 1997.  Before retiring from a career in computer engineering in 2013, Mike began to study spiritual direction and has been active in Ignatius retreats in the Tulsa area. When time is available, he migrates toward hiking and camping. Beyond his role as deacon at St. Luke’s, he has made a pact with Lauri to make travel a priority.




Dolores-StLukes 7-28-16-BDolores McCreary, Organist and Choirmaster

Dolores has been organist/choirmaster at St. Luke’s since 1978. She does a remarkable job with the organ, choir and worship music and brings variety and flair to everything she does. Dolores has composed Psalm settings, anthems and many of the musicals and dramas performed under her direction. Her contributions to the arts in the Bartlesville community are widely known and respected. Dolores and Max have two grown daughters, two sons-in-law,  seven grandchildren and one great-grandson.




Karl Franks, Christian Education Director & Church Administrator

Karl began attending St. Luke’s at age three and remained a member through high school. He left Bartlesville to attend college and eventually became a workshop foreman at a prominent violin shop in Boston after completing formal training and an apprenticeship on the West Coast. For 20 years he has been a luthier, a maker and restorer of string instruments. Karl and wife Jennifer and daughter Lillie returned to Bartlesville three years ago. Outside of work, he’s active in music, woodworking and charitable causes




Ann-B-StaffPhotos-6-20-16Ann Bell, Parish Secretary 

Ann joined the staff in July 1996. She is responsible for everything from publishing the weekly newsletter and worship bulletins to record keeping to answering the phone to managing office operations. She and her husband Merle have a son, two daughters, a daughter-in-law, two sons-in-law and three grandchildren.






Lana Lookout, Sexton
Lana joined the staff in 2015. She is responsible for the cleanliness and upkeep of the church interior facilities, including taking of the many small details that keep the building bright and inviting. She and her husband Henry have four boys and two girls, and their family lives just a few steps away from the church at 805 S. Osage.





Hugh-A-StaffPhotos-6-20-16Hugh Harrison, Assistant Sexton

Hugh and his wife Virginia came to Bartlesville in October, 2005, after being evacuated from New Orleans because of Hurricane Katrina. They joined St. Luke’s in 2006, and Hugh eventually began working at the church, where he cares for the lawns and other outside features. He is also responsible for setting up tables and other items for church and private functions at St. Luke’s.