Prayer List

We thank you for the promise of your presence in our lives.

We lift up to you those that we love.

Lord, we lift up in prayer: Linda and Terry Piper, Leaona Dobbs, Liz Green, Joseph Louis, Lorrie Loy, Kyle Frohlic, Michelle Sheffield, Catherine Sheffield, Sydney & Ed Beasley, Marcia Zervas, David King, Jim and Shelia Taylor, Pris Snow, Amber Emerson, Ben Baker, Sanawbar, David Hall, Diana Farris, Maureen Forsythe, Charlie Lee, Norman Bonner, Dean Zervas, Kenneth Lonski, Cheryl Van Aken, Elizabeth, Fletcher, Lysa, Ried, Todd, Deb.

We pray for those who have died, that they may be welcomed into the new life that you have prepared for them in eternity.

If you have a prayer request, please email or call the church office: 918-336-1212 or The names of those being prayed for are read at worship services during the Prayers of the People and are shared with the Prayer Network, a group of members who pray daily for those in need.