A Message from Karl Franks

Christian Education Director

and Church Administrator

Hello Saint Luke’s family!

First let me express my gratitude to both our clergy, and our parish as a whole in allowing me the opportunity to serve you as Christian Education Director, and now also, as Parish Administrator. I look forward to my expanded role and hope to become an asset in both capacities. I would also like to thank individually both of my immediate predecessors, Erin Perry as our prior Christian Education Director, and Steve Forsythe as our departing Parish Administrator. Both have been invaluable, and I am grateful for the direction and assistance they have both given during this transition. I can only hope to continue, and build modestly, on the work they have done.

Thus far the role of Christian Education Director has involved the overseeing of the ending portion of the Sunday School year, which with the consistent and valued work of our volunteers we will have successfully concluded on May 21. After discussions with several of our volunteers it was decided that wrapping up our class schedule in line with the end of the Bartlesville school year would be the best choice and would allow us the time and resources to focus on our upcoming Vacation Bible School, which is scheduled to run for one week, starting on July 10. We are still in the planning phase and are looking for anyone who would care to take part in either the planning or execution of our VBS program.

Also in the works are changes in the nursery and Children’s Chapel. Up until now the Children’s Chapel has been located on the second floor in the older portion of the church. It’s been decided to relocate it to the smaller of the two nursery rooms. This will serve various purposes. First, it’s easier to access and, as importantly; it allows our smallest congregates to see what the “big kids” are doing. As always, anyone interested in volunteering during this transition will be more than welcome. The nursery is the most time consuming volunteer teaching position and thus, anyone interested in participating will be greatly appreciated.

The transition from one Parish Administrator to another has officially taken place. I’m happy to say the last of the large projects that Steve Forsythe initiated are nearing completion. The final details of the floor project should be wrapped up this week and the door project is very nearly completed as well. However, as is always the case, other projects continue to pop up. As I write this, a new railing is being installed in the hallway connecting the north doors to older part of the building. St. Luke’s is a large and beautiful, but aging structure, and as such always needs attention in one area or another. I will try to stay attuned to the needs of the building, but feel free to point out anything you think I might have missed.

Thank you and God bless, Karl Franks, ktdfranks@gmail.com