Steeple: Dec. 6, 2017

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Active Waiting During Advent     Arms Open to the Future     Handbells for Advent     Christmas Star Tree Gifts Due Dec. 10     Christmas Services Schedule

Prayer List     Activity Calendar     Scripture & Music for this Sunday     Lay Ministry Schedule

Active Waiting During Advent

I talked in my sermon on Sunday about five ways we can take on a discipline of active waiting during Advent. Here is the list.

1) Take five minutes every morning and make a Christmas list. Not a list of things to buy, or things to do, or things you want; but a list of blessings in your life, a list of people you love and who love you in spite of yourself, a list of the signs of God’s presence in your life. After you’ve made your list, pray a prayer of thanks for each person or thing on your list.

2) Take another 10 minutes and read a chapter of the Gospel of Matthew. There are 22 days (now there are only 19) until Christmas and 28 chapters in Matthew, so you should be able to finish it. By Christmas morning, you will be reminded of why Jesus came and of what he did for you. By Christmas morning, you will be ready to celebrate with thankfulness and praise Emmanuel, God with us.

3) Pick out five names from your Christmas card list. Pick out five people that you have almost lost touch with, five people you seldom see or speak to. Call them up or write them a personal letter or send them an email and tell them how much they mean to you and why. Thank them for being a sign of God’s presence and love in your life.

4) Perform a totally new act of charity this year. Reach out and surprise someone with the unexpected love of God. Give a part of yourself to someone in gratitude for the fact that Christ gave his life for the whole world.

5) And finally, spend the last five minutes of every day asking God to come into your life in a fresh, new, unpredictable way this year.

Pick one or more (or none). These are ideas are opportunities to deepen your faith and your commitment to God this Advent season. There are many other things you could do as well. I borrowed these ideas from clergy friends of mine and I’ve tried the ideas myself over the years.

God’s Peace,
Steve+   Top

Arms Open to the Future!

Our stewardship theme – Arms Open to the Future! – captures the forward-looking, Christ-driven attitude that has made St. Luke’s such a meaningful part of our lives and the life of our community. We are wrapping up our 2018 stewardship initiative, the pledge drive that provides most of the funding for St. Luke’s operations.
If you did not turn in your pledge on Pledge Sunday, Dec. 3, please mail it or drop it off at the church office as soon as possible. Extra pledge cards as well as the 4-page stewardship folder also are available in the office.  Top

Handbells For Advent

What do handbells have to do with the lighting of the Advent candles? Our children will be ringing the handbells to accompany the song we sing for Lighting the Advent Candles!  How to be a “handbell ringer”? Be sure to be in Sunday School at 9:15, plan to stay for the 10:30 service and you, too, will probably get to ring a handbell during one of the Sundays in Advent!  Top

Christmas Star Tree Gifts Due:  Dec. 10

The Annual St. Luke’s Christmas Star Tree program is almost complete.  All the stars have been claimed.  Please remember to bring your UNWRAPPED gifts by Sunday, December 10th to the Church Office.  If you have any questions please contact Steve or Cheryl Van Aken at 918-333-5570, or the church office at  Thank you for making this Christmas a bit brighter for a child in need!! Top

Christmas Services Schedule

As a reminder, here’s the schedule for services for Dec. 24 and 25:

Sunday, Dec. 24
NO 8:00 am Service
10:30 am – Rite II and the Children’s Christmas Pageant
10:30 pm – Christmas Carols
11:00 pm – Christmas Eve Service

Monday, Dec. 25
10:00 am – Holy Eucharist    Top

St. Luke’s Prayer List

Please keep the following persons in your prayers:

Elizabeth, Jenny, Sue, Jim, Kris, Max, John, Samantha, Hugh, Raymond, Darian, Elaine, Ellen, Kathy, Triston, Dale, Charles, Isaac, Joyce, Maida, Joseph, Thelma, Tammy, and all members of our armed forces and their families.

If you have a prayer request, contact our Prayer Ministry Coordinator Thelma Blackburn 918-333-7902 or or the church office at 918-336-1212 or

Names on the Prayer List are rotated off every 4 weeks. If there is need for continued prayers, please let us know. Top

Activity Calendar

Click here to view the updated calendar of all events.

Sunday, Dec 10, 2017

  • 8:00 am Rite I
  • 9:15 am Sunday School
  • 9:15 am Clergy Forum
  • 9:45 am Choir Rehearsal
  • 10:30 am Rite II

Monday, Dec 11, 2017

  • 5:30 pm Holy Eucharist
  • 7:30 pm Vestry Meeting

Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017

  • 10:00 am Spiritual Discipline Group, Library
  • 5:00 pm Give Back America, RH

Wednesday, Dec 13, 2017

  • 6:00 pm Young Disciples
  • 7:00 pm Choir Rehearsal

Thursday, Dec 14, 2017

  • 6:45 am Men’s Fellowship, MH
  • 12:00 pm Holy Eucharist

Sunday, Dec 17, 2017

  • 8:00am Rite I
  • 9:15am Sunday School
  • 9:15am Clergy Forum
  • 9:45am Choir Rehearsal
  • 10:30am Rite II

Monday, Dec 18, 2017

  • 5:30pm Holy Eucharist

Tuesday, Dec 19, 2017

  • 10:00am Spiritual Discipline Group, Library
  • 5:00pm Give Back America, RH  Top

Scripture Lessons & Music for Dec 10

Isaiah 40:1-11; Psalm 85:1-2, 8-13; 2 Peter 3:8-15a; Mark 1:1-8

#89 – Hark! A Thrilling Voice is Sounding
#75 – There’s a Voice in the Wilderness Crying
Gather #137 – My Soul in Stillness Waits
Gather #143 – God of All People
#76 – On Jordan’s Bank the Baptist’s Cry Top

Lay Ministry Schedule


  • Dec 10: Ruth Todd, Lillie Franks, Annabelle Droege
  • Dec 17: Nick Olsen, Charlie Olsen, Claire Hood, Madelyn Stuart


  • Dec 10: 8:00 am-Jeff Birk, Scott Williams; 10:30 am-Kyle Peterson, Nick Conner
  • Dec 17: 8:00 am-Darian Kedy, Ellen Heald; 10:30 am-Penny Williams, Judy Currey

Nursery Volunteers

  • Dec 10: Stefanie Tedstrom
  • Dec 17: Barbara Todd
  • Dec 24: Diana Crawford & Dorsie Bjornsen

Hugh & Virginia Meal Preparation

  • Dec 6: Becky Liehr
  • Dec 8: Scott & Sigrid Williams
  • Dec 11: Gretchen Hoyt
  • Dec 13: Not Yet Assigned
  • Dec 15: Not Yet Assigned

Sunday Coffee Fellowship Hour

  • Dec 10: Franks Family
  • Dec 17: Green Family
  • Dec 24: Volunteer Needed

Sunday Plate Counter

  • Dec 10: Bruce Ramzel
  • Dec 17: Steve Clark
  • Dec 24: Jim Grillot


  • Dec 10: 8:00 am-Don Doty; 10:30 am-Debbie & Dennis Mueggenborg
  • Dec 17: 8:00 am-Monica Martin; 10:30 am-Carol Murphy


  • Dec 10: 8:00 am-Don Davidson; 10:30 am-Brian Ferguson, Mark Fregin
  • Dec 17: 8:00 am-Dean Zervas; 10:30 am-Glenn Bonner, Jim Warring

Children’s Chapel

  • Dec 10: Bob Tedstrom
  • Dec 17: Nicki Ingram
  • Dec 24: Karl Franks

Agape Mission
Thursday, Dec 14:

  • 9-11 am-Jeanne Julstrom, John McCollum
  • 10:45 am-1 pm-Kris Bonner, Rita Childers, Becky Liehr, Kathy Zervas, Marcia Zervas
  • 1:00-2:45 pm-Peter Julstrom, Miriam Petrovich

Bereavement Committee (Team 4)
Ada Grillot, Jo Baughman, Kris Bonner, Jen Peterson, Melinda Wesneski Top