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Presiding Bishop Easter Message 2014

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Safeguarding God's People

Safeguarding God's Children

Episcopal Church Represented at UCO

Companioning People in the Culture of Poverty

17th Annual Dallas Benedictine Experience

Applications for 2014-15 Class of EYLA Available

St. Crispin's Summer Camp Registration Now Open

Summer Camp Dates

Choosing a Children's Curriculum for Faith Formation

Make a Resurrection Set: Hands-On Easter Learning

Pentecost Ideas

The Episcopal Church

April 29 - 30
Building for a New Tomorrow Symposium
Fort Lauderdale, FL
June 26 - 29, 2014
National Happening Leadership Conference
UCO, Edmond, OK

July 9 - 13, 2014
Villanova University, near Philadelphia, PA

Diocesan Events



April 25 - 27, 2014

Annual Diocesan Clergy Spouses Retreat

St. Crispin's


May 18, 2014

St. Crispin's Conference Center and Camp Open House

10 - 3

to register call St. Crispin's at 

405 382 1619


July 15 - 29, 2014

A Journey to the Holy Land

Led by Bishop Konieczny


October 18-19

Education for Ministry Retreat

The Rev. Dr. Christopher Bryan

St. Crispin's Conference Center



Diocesan Wide Events



May 1 - 3

Men's Retreat

St. Crispin's Conference Center

Contact Bob Baker 918-258-5656  or at baker111@tulsacoxmail for more information

Click here for Registration Form



May 1 - 4


St. Crispin's



October 18 - 19

Education for Ministry Retreat

(Open to all)

The Rev. Dr. Christopher Bryan

St. Crispin's Conference Center



Community Events



April 26 and 27

Interfaith Alliance Vision Screening

Volunteers needed

Contact Noel Jacobs (noelj68@gmail.com)


April 27
31st Annual Piano Artist Series
Valery Kuleschov, Piano
All Souls', OKC
2:30 p.m.

June 25 - 28

17th Annual Dallas Benedictine Experience

The Catholic Center
Dallas, TX

dallasbenedictine@yahoo.com to register 


Bishop's Schedule

April 13 - Palm Sunday
St. Paul's Cathedral, OKC

April 14
St. Paul's Cathedral, OKC
Clergy Renewal of Vows

April 17 - Maundy Thursday
St. Paul's Cathedral, OKC

April 18 - Good Friday
St. Paul's Cathedral, OKC

April 19 - Easter Vigil
St. Paul's Cathedral, OKC

April 20 - Easter
St. Paul's Cathedral

April 25-26
St. John's Episcopal Church, Norman
ECW Annual Meeting and Bishop's Day

April 25 - 27
Clergy Spouses Retreat
St. Crispin's

April 30
Province VII Synod and General Convention Orientation
Kansas City

Bishop Ed is now on Twitter @ OKBishopEd.
Bishop Ed's Address to Convention is now on the website. Go tohttp://www.epiok.org/videos.html
 and it is the first one on the page. 







  Bishop uruguay

Bishop Pollesel


Holy God, source of healing and of peace, bless with your grace the companion dioceses of  Oklahoma and Uruguay. Through our partnership one with another may we grow in mutual affection and communion, seek a more profound experience of truth, build up the Church in unity and give glory to Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen.



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April 18, 2014.

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April 11, 2014

Issue 14

From the Diocese
Plenary Sessions Live-Streamed from Reclaiming the Gospel of Peace: An Episcopal Gathering to Challenge the Epidemic of Violence


Four plenary sessions from Reclaiming the Gospel of Peace: An Episcopal Gathering to Challenge the Epidemic of Violence will be live streamed at no cost.


Violence in all its forms in American society and what can be done will be examined at the special Episcopal Church gathering April 9 - 11 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Diocese of Oklahoma).


Live streaming is available here

  and click on Watch Live Broadcast.


Available for live viewing are:


April 9
6:30 pm Central (7:30 pm Eastern; 5:30 pm Mountain; 4:30 pm Pacific)
Bishop Ed Konieczny, Diocese of Oklahoma  on "Why Are We Here"
Bishop Eugene Sutton, Diocese of Maryland on "The Theology of Violence and Peace."


April 10
9 am Central (10 am Eastern; 8 am Mountain; 7 am Pacific)
Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

1:15 pm Central (2:15 pm Eastern; 12:15 pm Mountain; 11:15 am Pacific)
Dr Chuck Jackson - Let it Begin With Me

2:30 pm Central (3:30 pm Eastern; 1:30 pm Mountain; 12:30 pm Pacific)

Panel dis
cussion: Episcopal Responses to Violence


Complete event information here



The panel participants and the list of workshops are located here.


For more information email gospelofpeace@epiok.org 

Clergy Renewal of Ordination Vows


Clergy will gather on Monday, April 14, 2014, at St. Paul's Cathedral for their Holy Monday Gathering and sharing in the Renewal of our Ordination Vows. The service will begin at 10:30 a.m. and is open to everyone. The Rev. Kristi Maulden, Associate Rector of Trinity, Tulsa, has accepted Bishop Ed's invitation to preach.


Clergy attending need to register online at www.epiok.org at the News & Events tab and click on Events/Register. If you registered online for previous events, you will use the same user name and password you set up then.  ou can also contact the Assistant to the Canon to the Ordinary, Diane Ellsworth via phone or by email at dellsworth@epiok.org. We ask that you register before April 9, so that we can have an accurate count for lunch.

Episcopal Church Women's Gathering

April 25-26, 2014
St. John's Episcopal Church
Norman, Oklahoma

Registration Packets are available by clicking here.
. Come and Join us in Norman as we.....

Maximizing Your Stewardship Ministry

May 3, 2014
Diocesan Center
9:30 am to 2:30 pm

With some planning and a little effort, your congregation can have a successful stewardship appeal. Please join Mike Stephenson, Canon Missioner, for an enlightening workshop designed for both lay and ordained leaders. The session will provide practical advice and tips for success, program and sermon examples, and templates that you can customize for your stewardship ministry. A complimentary lunch is provided. Please call or email Denise Phillips (dphillips@epiok.org, (405-232-4820) at the Diocesan Center to register. For those unable to attend in Oklahoma City, videoconferencing will be available.

Workshop Topics

· Why most stewardship programs don't work and what you can do about it.

· The five biggest mistakes made in most stewardship appeals.

· How to talk about pledging in ways that encourage generous giving.

· Practical ways to connect the church's ministries with pledges and other gifts.

· Different types of stewardship appeals and how to choose the best one for your parish.

· Ways to convert non-pledgers to pledgers.

· Tips for preaching about stewardship

· How to maximize the effectiveness of any stewardship appeal. 
The Episcopal Church
Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Easter Message 2014


The tomb is empty, and nobody knows where the body is.  Mary Magdalene tells the others about the mysterious disappearance, but they give up and go home.  Mary stays behind, weeping, and then fails to recognize the risen one before her.  As the days pass, each resurrected encounter begins in surprise or anonymity - the disciples fishing all night without catching, Jesus cooking breakfast on the beach, the two on their way to Emmaus.  Nobody recognizes him at first sight.


Clearly the risen body is not identical to the Jesus who was crucified.  People mistake him for a stranger.  He enters locked rooms.  He walks along the path to Emmaus for a long time without being recognized.  Crucifixion, death, and resurrection result in a transformed body - with evident scars, but changed nonetheless.  When he reminds others of God's banquet, meant for the whole world - when human beings are fed and watered, delivered from prison, gathered from exile across the earth, and healed and reconciled into a community of peace - his companions discover that he has once again been in their midst.


What does that resurrection reality mean for the Body of Christ of which we are part?  How does the risen Body of Christ - what we often call the church - differ from the crucified one?  That Body seems to be most lively when it lives closer to the reality of Good Friday and the Easter mystery.  In the West, that Body has suffered a lot of dying in recent decades.  It is diminished, some would say battered, increasingly punctured by apathy and taunted by cultured despisers.  That body bears little resemblance to royal images of recent memory - though, like Jesus, it is being mocked.  The body remembers and grieves, like the body of Israel crying in the desert, "why did you bring us out here to die?" or the crucified body who cries, "My God, why have you forsaken me," or "why have you abandoned us?"  In other contexts the Body of Christ is quite literally dying and spilling its lifeblood - in Pakistan and Sudan, in Iraq and Egypt - and in those ancient words of Tertullian, the blood of martyrs is becoming the seed of the church. 


The Body of Christ is rising today where it is growing less self-centered and inwardly focused, and living with its heart turned toward the cosmic and eternal, its attention focused intently on loving God and neighbor.  This Body is rising to stand in solidarity with criminals sentenced to death, with widows and orphans, with the people of the land who slave over furrows and lettuce fields to feed the world.  This Body can be found passing through walls and boundaries that have long been misused to keep the righteous "safe" and "pure."  The Body is recognized when the hungry are fed - on the lakeshore with broiled fish, on the road to Emmaus, on street corners and city parks, in food pantries and open kitchens, in feeding neighbor nations and former enemies, and as the Body gathers once again to remember its identity and origin - Christ is risen for the sake of all creation.


Where and how will we look for the Body of Christ, risen and rising?  Will we share the life of that body as an Easter people, transformed by resurrection and sent to transform the world in turn? 


Christ is risen, Alleluia!  Alleluia, Christ is risen indeed!


The Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori

Presiding Bishop and Primate

The Episcopal Church

Scholarship Applications Now Accepted for Episcopal Church Grants

Applications are now being accepted for the 2014-2015 awarding of educational scholarships from The Episcopal Church, according to Samuel A. McDonald, Director of Mission/Deputy Chief Operating Officer and convener of the Scholarship Committee.

"As a result of bequests, The Episcopal Church makes available a modest number of scholarships that assist students primarily enrolled in theological education and training," explained Margareth Crosnier de Bellaistre, Episcopal Church Director of Investment Management and Banking  "Funding for the program is derived from annual income of designated trust funds established by generous donors."

Scholarships are available for ethnic communities, children of missionaries, bishops and clergy, and other particular wide-ranging eligibility for education and training.

The amounts of the scholarships vary according to the availability of payouts from the funds.  The maximum is $5000.

The lists of trust funds and scholarships as well as key information are here. Applicants are strongly encouraged to read each trust and identify in the application those trust funds that best fit their own profile.

Requirements for applying for the scholarships include: the applicant must be an Episcopalian, must be a member of The Episcopal Church, and must have the endorsement of his/her bishop.

Application form is available here. 

Applications are reviewed by a scholarship committee which includes The Episcopal Church Director of Mission, the Director of Human Resources Management, representatives of various ministries, and the Treasurer's office.Deadline for applications is April 30. Only complete applications will be considered.

For information contact Terry Foster, tfoster@episcopalchurch.org
Diocesan Events and Information
Safeguarding God's People

Safeguarding People2
Safeguarding People1
Saturday, May 17
9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
$10 for lunch
St. Paul's Cathedral

Register by contacting Kate Huston at katehuston@stpaulsokc.org.

Saturday, May 17
9 a.m 
St. Michael's, Norman
Contact church to register 
405 321 8951

Thursday, May 22
6 p.m.
St. Michael's, Norman
Contact church to register
405 321 8951
Safeguarding God's ChildrenSafeguarding


April 26

St. Mary's, Edmond

12 - 4

Call church office to register

405 341 3855


Sunday, April 27  NOTE CHANGE OF DATE

12 - 3 p.m.

Emmanuel, Shawnee

Register by contacting Beth Canaday at

b_canaday @yahoo.com


May 4


St. Michael's, Norman

Contact church to register

405 321 8951


May 17th

9 until noon

St. Paul's Cathedral, OKC

Register by contacting Kate Huston at katehuston@stpaulsokc.org.

Community Wide Events
Episcopal Church Represented at OCU World Religions Day Event

The Rev. Joseph Alsay, Vicar at St. Augustine's of Canterbury, OKC, served at the information table for the UCO World Religions Day Event. The students put together a slide show and poster with Fr. Alsay's help, and responded to questions about the church from students and faculty. 

Companioning People in the Culture of Poverty

An Association of Professional Chaplains Webinar Recording
Persons who live in poverty and live out the culture of poverty in the patient care setting are often labeled as "problem" patients or, more politely, "complex." This webinar will help participants gain insights into the hidden rules, embedded values and cultural disconnects that impact persons in poverty as they interact with middle-class-oriented institutions. Through scenario exercises and case studies, participants will experience the function/perspective gap between poverty and middle class. Understanding the dynamics and influences on the culture experienced by those in poverty will help chaplains better advocate for these persons' respect and support them toward more fully participating in their care.

Presenter - Barry Stueve, M.Div., Board Certified Chaplain, Spiritual Care Manager, PeaceHealth, St. John Medical Center, Longview, Wash.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
1 to 2:30 p.m.

INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center
Conference Rooms F and G

Approved continuing education for social work and nursing will be available.

Registration not required. 
17th Annual Dallas Benedictine Experience - June 25-28, 2014

The Catholic Conference Center, Dallas, Texas


The 17th annual multi-denominational Dallas Benedictine Experience will take place at The Catholic Conference and Formation Center in Dallas, Texas from Wednesday, June 25 through Saturday, June 28, 2014.  This monastic experience is presented by The Friends of St. Benedict, Washington, D.C. and is open to men and women, laity and clergy of all denominations.  Participants will live on the campus of the center for four days, forming a temporary monastic community to experience the balanced way of life of The Rule of St. Benedict  as it divides each day into private and group prayer, study, work, and monastic silence.  Four Benedictine Offices (Lauds, Sext, Vespers, and Compline) will be chanted each day in English in Gregorian Chant.


For further information, please e-maildallasbenedictine@yahoo.com or call 214-339-8483.


The monastic experience will be led by two extraordinarily talented religious figures.  Brother Bede Healey, OSB Cam., Ph.D., has been a monk for over 30 years He is currently Treasurer at New Camaldoli Hermitage and teaches in the monastic formation program there.   


Dr.  Alan Kolp (B.D., Harvard Divinity School, Ph.D., Harvard University) teaches at Baldwin-Wallace University in Berea, Ohio, currently holding the Baldwin-Wallace Chair in Faith and Life.  He has been a Fulbright Fellow at Wilhelms Universitat in Munster, Germany.  He was formerly dean of The Earlham School of Religion (graduate division of Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana).  Dr. Kolp is the author of several books, including Fresh Winds of the Spirit  and A Canopy of Light and Love  and co-author of Integrity is a Growth Market: Character-Based Leadership.  


Father Daniel Forsythe, pastor of St. Basil the Great Byzantine Church in Irving, Texas, will once again give the homilies following the office of Lauds each day. 


Brother Bede and Dr. Kolp will give presentations on Benedictine values and their applications to life today.  Both will also be available for private meetings with those who would like to discuss spiritual matters with them.


For more information:   dallasbenedictine@yahoo.com  or  214-339-8483.

Youth Ministry News

Applications for 2014-15 Class of Episcopal Youth Leadership Academy Available

If you were at Convention, you helped us recognize the group of youth who graduated from our pilot program of the Episcopal Youth Leadership Academy (EYLA). We are now taking applications for our next group. Our first meeting will be in September, 2014. We will have complete details on meeting locations and dates soon. But you need to apply now. 

This program is open to youth 6th - 9th grade, who want to learn to be leaders. It is a one-year program and requires a large commitment on your part and that of your parents in transporting you to and from these meeting locations. Youth will also work with a mentor in their parish. 

There is no limit on the number that can apply from any congregation and we welcome participants from congregations of all sizes. 

For a copy of the application, click here.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact Sabrina Evans at sevans@epiok.org. 
St. Crispin's Summer Camp Registration Now Open!

We are thrilled to announce that Summer Camp Registration is now open. In a previous newsletter, we indicated we were working to get an on-line program, CampWise, into our system that has many of the forms necessary for registration. We have now completed our testing and ready for reservations.

You will be able to pay on line, order merchandise, receive automatic confirmation on payments, and much more in a timely manner. 

Go to http://www.episcopaloklahoma.org/camps/stcrispins.html
 and register today.
Summer Camp


ABCamp (A Beginner's Camp), for 5 year olds thru 2nd Grade May 30 and 31
Sabrina Evans, St. Augustine of Canterbury, OKC

Senior High Camp, June 1-7
Kate Huston and Ian Bass, St. Paul's Cathedral OKC
8th and 9th Grade, June 8-14
Laura Beth Woods, OU Canterbury and Terry Prather, All Souls OKC
3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Session I, June 15 - 21
Beth and Michael Canaday, Nancy Reese Barrett, Emmanuel Shawnee
6th and 7th Grade Session I, June 22 - 28
Alana Woodliff, OSU Canterbury and Karen Langley, St. Dunstan's Tulsa
8th and 9th Grade Session II, June 29 - July 5
Becky Moseman and Melissa Sterling, Trinity Tulsa
3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Session II, July 6 - 12
HL Watson and Rev. Dana Orwig, St. John's OKC
6th and 7th Grade Session II
Andrew Scott and Fr. Everett Lees, Christ Church Tulsa  


May 30 - 31
Mini Camp (Formerly ABC) $100 child and 1 adult
June 1 - 7
Senior Camp
June 8 - 14
8th - 9th Grade Camp
June 15 - 21
3rd - 5th Grade Camp
June 22 - 28 6th - 7th Grade Camp
June 29 - July 5 8th - 9th Grade Camp
July 6 - 12 3rd - 5th Grade Camp
July 13 - 19
6th - 7th Grade Camp
Christian Formation News 
Choosing a Children's Curriculum for Faith Formation
by Sharon Ely Pearson

Here at Building Faith we are continually grateful for the work and ministry of Sharon Ely Pearson. Some years ago she developed clear and effective charts for comparing various curricula. Thanks to the magic of the internet, these crucial resources will always be available on this site... forever. Let's put it this way: when our Lord Jesus comes again, he can check out the charts. Thank you Sharon!
As springtime rolls around for Christian educators (even in the midst of Lent), thoughts turn to reviewing curricula, especially if your church is feeling the need for a change or what you have been using is about to be discontinued. Now is the time to begin the research, as it really takes a concerted effort to evaluate what you've been using, what's been working, what's not been working, what direction you want to go (or continue on), and how the needs of your church (and its families and children) have changed.
With that in mind, springtime has meant a time for me to update the curriculum overview charts that I've been doing for 10+ years. Most of the time, each year I simply need to make sure the website address for each resource is correct and update the prices (which inevitably go up a few dollars and cents every year). There's always a program that is no longer being published or a new one making its debut.

The children's curricula chart has been updated, and the youth and adult updates will be along soon.

Check back often to the Building Faith Resource Room, and the Curriculum Center, as these pages are being updated and nicely renovated.  These pages also have helpful tips for choosing curriculum.
Some notes and reflections on this year's update.

Brand new options
Despite churches having fewer funds to purchase curricula and more "writing their own" (see the results from the curricula survey I did a year ago), a few publishers are cranking out more new products in a field that is already full of stuff.

Downloadable means cost effective
Older resources are being converted to pay-and-download only (which may be extending their life) for a less-expensive fee.

Webinar and video trainings
Most publishers offer webinars to introduce new curriculum and/or videos on their website (or YouTube). Teacher training is also offered via video on the websites.

Videos for formation
There is an increase in video usage in programs, but not all DVD-based. Use of life-streaming is making an appearance.

"Home" work
More resources and actual modules for home use. For some, the "Sunday School" portion of the material is a small part of the lesson plan - the rest is meant to be done at home as a family.
Sliding scale prices

Pricing is increasing to a license-based model (especially on-line and downloadable material) and as these are often based on average Sunday attendance, the number of children in your program or (now) whether it is used in a home-setting (for homeschoolers).
I've expanded the chart this year with several additions - some new curricula (Whirl, Shine On), programs I wouldn't exactly call curriculum but I know are being used as such (Messy Church), and a few that publishers actually contacted me about, wanting their materials listed on the chart (Discipleland, Faith Practices).

So . . . here it is . . . my 2014 Children's Curriculum Chart!

                       April 2014 Child Curriculum Chart

Let the e-mails fly back to me as they usually do with whatever errors you find or missing material you feel I should have included. Happy evaluating!
Sharon Ely Pearson is an editor and the Christian Formation Specialist for Church Publishing Incorporated (CPI). She is the author/editor of several books, most recently The Episcopal Christian Educator's Handbook   (Morehouse, 2013) and forthcoming Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Theologies of Confirmation for the 21st Century (Morehouse, 2014). When not traveling for work or pleasure, she enjoys tossing tennis balls to her year old black lab, Chobe.

Make A Resurrection Set: Hands-On Easter Learning


Children learn through stories. In this case, they can even tell it themselves. Parents and teachers do an excellent job of bringing the Christmas nativity story to life, so why not Easter?



We love this resource from Catholic Icing. It's perfect for families to use at home, or for Sunday school directors to use at church. You might consider making one for the church nursery, or placing a set on a table near the church entrance as a sample.


Created by Lacy Rabideau in 2009, Catholic Icing offers crafts, recipes, and hands-on ideas. Lacy writes, "It is my mission to bring Christian fun to families on the internet for free, and I am always working on adding to my library of Catholic crafts!"


Click here to see The Resurrection Set at Catholic Icing



How to Download
Click the link above for full instructions and pictures.
You can download Lacy's black and white images for free.
In addition, you can get the full-color images for $2, or as a free gift for subscribing to the site.

Note: if you don't have empty toilet paper rolls, simply use cardstock rolled into tubes.

Pentecost Ideas

You can order the dove kite and the pole from this site. 
You can add paper streamers for the tail. 
Other doves and poles can be ordered from Friends of the Groom. 

In addition to a dove on a stick, ribbons on sticks (red, gold, white,
etc.) also are beautiful, festive and fun in procession (also useful prop for enactment of Acts Reading) . And if it's an outdoor procession, bubbles are good (filled with the holy spirit, right???)

See ribbon on stick effect in Pentecost procession here: 

Back to Top 

Contact Information
Sabrina Evans
(405) 232-4820
A Prayer for Holy Week 
Lord Jesus Christ,
in this sacred and solemn week
when we see again
the depth and mystery of your redeeming love,
help us to follow where you go,
to stop where you stumble,
to listen when you cry,
to hurt as you suffer,
to bow our heads in sorrow as you die,
so that, when you are raised to life again,
we may share in your endless joy. Amen.
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